Metal Additive Manufacturing

As a one-stop-shop for advanced manufacturing, metal additive is a natural fit for us at Wagner Machine.  It is a tool that fits seamlessly with our other capabilities and enables us to provide ideal solutions to the most difficult manufacturing challenges our customers face.  We offer a complete start-to-finish manufacturing solution including design for manufacturing, metal printing, finish machining, and advanced inspection options all in house.  We also offer many coating options through our certified partners.  With Wagner Machine, there is no need to buy a printed part from one vendor and then try to convince a machine shop to finish the tight tolerance features (just to find out that there are problems with the print in the first place).  We take care of all the details and ship you a completed part that is right the first time.

If you have run into the limitations of metal 3D printing in the past, it’s time to take another look.  We are partnering with Velo3D because their machines offer the most advanced capabilities available in metal additive manufacturing with process control, traceability, and build monitoring that is second to none.  Small holes, large internal channels, thin walls, and horizontal overhangs are not a problem and we can often print with no internal supports.  Some parts can even be printed free-floating with no supports at all.  Let us show you what metal additive is capable of!

Design Resources:

Innovator’s Guide to Metal AM with VELO3D

Material Options (Click for specifications):

Hastelloy X  |  Inconel IN718  |  Titanium Ti6Al4V  |  Aluminum F357