We are a precision machine shop located in central Illinois. Our company was started on April 1 (no joke), 1982 by Werner and Elaine Wagner. They had, and still have a simple philosophy – run a lean business that makes high quality parts at a reasonable price. We have grown steadily for 40 years based on our reputation for doing just that. As part of that philosophy, we have never relied on advertising or salesmen. Instead, we invest in our company and our employees wisely, while letting our work speak for itself.

We take pride in offering a wide variety of machining processes in house. In 1986 we purchased our first CNC mill and lathe. Now we have more than 10 CNC mills and 15 CNC lathes, as well as surface, cylindrical, and centerless grinding capabilities. In addition to conventional machining, we also offer full 4 axis wire EDM, abrasive waterjet with taper compensation, and full 5 axis Milling. We have experience machining an extensive list of materials from plastics, aluminum, and steel, to stainless steel, exotic alloys, custom engineered materials, and fully hardened tool steels. We couple this experience with an equally wide variety of CAD/CAM software which is used by knowledgeable machinists who are always up for a challenge.

Wagner Machine Vision Statement

“Wagner Machine Company strives to be the most knowledgeable, capable, and innovative source for high precision manufacturing.”

Wagner Machine Mission Statement

“Positively impact American manufacturing by building lasting relationships with employees and customers.”

Wagner Machine Values

Maintain clear communication between all areas of the company.
Work smarter, not harder. Asking for help is the smart thing to do. Acknowledge your weaknesses so you can learn, improve, and grow. (Just because you saw it on YouTube, doesn’t mean you are proficient at it.)
“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.” Matthew 7:12a
Apply our collective machining knowledge to make “impossible parts”. Encourage problem solving and outside the box thinking on an individual level. Continue to explore and apply new manufacturing processes and technologies.
Train our employees well enough that they can get a job anywhere; treat them well enough they want to stay.