Our motto is “The difficult we do right away, the impossible will take a little longer.” We almost never turn down complex parts because we have the experience, equipment, and creativity to tackle your toughest prototype machining challenges. Our prototype department has dedicated equipment and machinists for low volume machining. We excel at manufacturing complex parts with tight tolerances, and that makes us even better at the easy parts. CNC equipment includes 3-axis mills, 5-axis mills, lathes, swiss lathes, wire EDM, metal 3D printing, and abrasive waterjets. We also offer surface, cylindrical, and centerless grinding, honing, lapping, heat treating, and reverse engineering services. Our goal is to make sure you get exactly what you need the first time regardless of part complexity or tolerance requirements.

Experience Matters

Our experienced machinists and project managers are the most important factor in our success. They drive our innovation and help us stay a step ahead of our customers needs. Machinists are involved in many projects from the beginning. This helps avoid surprises during the manufacturing process. Daily work varies from basic turned and milled parts to extremely complicated parts requiring advanced manufacturing processes such as 5-axis milling and metal additive. We regularly machine many common materials including plastic, aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and stainless steel. We also work with more challenging materials including high temp alloys, Titanium, Kovar, ceramic, G10 and hardened tool steel.

The Whole Package

Saying we can provide accurate parts is one thing, but it isn’t worth much without verification. To that end, we also have many critical support systems to provide a complete and verifiable manufacturing system. Quoting, purchasing, scheduling, manufacturing, quality, outside processing (coatings and heat treat only), shipping and billing are all managed by our ERP system to provide traceability. Our quality capabilities include 5-axis CMM, Keyence IM optical inspection, laser scanning, hardness testing, profilometer (surface finish), and conventional gages that are all calibrated to provide NIST traceable results. We don’t just say we provide precision manufacturing – We can prove it!