Swiss Turning

Our Lathe Department

Our production lathe department has a wide variety of equipment so we can choose the most efficient machining process to make your parts quickly. We have several types of machines, including chuck, collet, and swiss styles. We have chuck machines ranging from 6” to 12” chucks. We also have collet machines with capacity up to 2.625”. Our swiss machining capabilities can handle bar up to 1.25” diameter and have full milling capabilities as well as sub-spindle pick up for complete machining. We also have several standard lathes with live tooling, sub spindles, and Y-axis for full milling capabilities. We specialize in small to medium-sized parts of any complexity and can hold tolerances of .0001” (.0025mm).

The lathe department uses many of the same types of machines as the job shop, so if we made your prototype parts in the job shop, we can easily set them up to run production in the lathe department when the time comes. This seamless transition helps to ensure your production parts will look like your prototypes. We can also make small changes quickly because we use the same software in the job shop and lathe department.