About Us

Wagner Machine Company is a precision machine shop located in central Illinois. Werner and Elaine Wagner started the business on April 1 (no joke), 1982. Our simple philosophy is to run a lean business that manufactures high-quality parts at a reasonable price. We have grown steadily for more than 40 years based on our reputation for doing just that. We continue to invest in our company and our employees wisely, to ensure that we can provide the best manufacturing solutions to our customers now for many years to come.

In 1986 we purchased our first CNC mill and lathe, and today we offer a wide variety of prototype and production CNC machining services. We offer standard CNC mill and lathe services, and we specialize in advanced machining processes including 5-axis milling, mill-turn, swiss turning, abrasive waterjet with taper compensation, and 4-axis wire EDM. Many of our CNC machines are automated with bar feeders or robotic loading. Our unique combination of advanced technology, automation, and over 40 years of experience enables us to provide the best manufacturing solutions for our customers regardless of production quantity or part complexity.